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The Corrupt Prosecutor to Prison for 38 months, but out in 19, while his victim is in now 19 years...

The sad excuse for a Defense Counsel, John Prosser, retired under a cloud Judge, is on the left, 
the now Federal Felon, Paul Thomson, the former Prosecutor, is on the right.
The innocent man, Jeffrey Washington, is in the middle and in prison for 19 years.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pardon Expert Margaret Love commentary

Wouldn't you "Love to know" if Pardon expert Margaret Colgate Love is related to the Charlottesville FBI Special Agent in Charge Jennifer Love?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fwd: DISQUALIFIED JUDGE named by Chief Justice as Substitute Presiding Judge of Winchester Grand Jury for much needed Special Grand Jury

Found that this near 4 year old post of 20 May A.D. 2011 never was posted, was put in "Drafts" folder, I guess because the attachment did not appear.

"Benny Boy" Bow-tied Kendrick, retired judge, was named as the sub-judge by the Chief Justice, Cynthia Kinser, probably who did not know, and was not told by Benny Boy that he had previously admitted verbally in the Courtroom his bias against James Renwick Manship, that was the basis for a Civil Rights Violation lawsuit in Alexandria Federal District Court, which forced Kendrick and his three Circuit Court colleagues all to sign an "ORDER OF DISQUALIFICATION".

This action by the Virginia supreme Court was after I filed a Motion for Recusal (by "Hitler" Judge Jay Wetsel of Winchester) and a Petition for Rehearing of the Grand Jury (after Wetsel did GRAND JURY TAMPERING because he wrote and gave the Grand Jurors a "Supplemental Grand Jury Instructions" that included both FALSE and MISLEADING information.)

Begin forwarded message:

From: States Manship <>
Date: May 20, 2011 10:21:20 PM EDT

Subject: DISQUALIFIED JUDGE named by Chief Justice as Substitute Presiding Judge of Winchester Grand Jury for much needed Special Grand Jury

Friday, June 18, 2010

FINALLY, some progress toward Justice for All, Justice for Washington

ABOUT TIME! Remember that the former Police Chief Reynolds wrote a letter to Paul Thomson back in 1999 (I believe I recall correctly) suggesting that an investigation into the prosecution by the Commonwealth Attorney should be conducted by the Attorney General or the Chief Justice. And what about the police notes of 2-17-1999 about Paul Thomson "skimming money from drug dealers"

*Special prosecutor sought in 1994 Winchester murder case

By Alex Bridges --
WINCHESTER -- The father of a man imprisoned for a 1994 murder claims a court reporter altered transcripts of a hearing in his son's case.
After losing a civil suit in December, Frank Washington has sought a criminal probe into the matter.
Now Washington may get his wish.
Commonwealth's Attorney Alex Iden sought an order Thursday in Winchester Circuit Court asking a judge to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Washington's allegations.
Iden said he couldn't comment on the order except to say he filed the request because he felt a conflict of interest existed if his office remained involved in the investigation.
Washington recently approached the Winchester Police Department to look into his allegations the transcripts of a preliminary hearing held in the general district court Oct. 5, 1994 were altered purposefully to omit a person identified then as a potential witness in his son's murder case.
The incident number to which Iden refers in the court order is the same as the one given to the elder Washington, the father said. Washington expressed some satisfaction that his allegations may receive some attention by a special prosecutor.
Jeffrey Washington is serving a 70-year prison sentence for the Aug. 16, 1994, shooting death of 22-year-old Carlos Marshall.
The elder Washington maintains his son's innocence and has said he entered a plea agreement only after then Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Thomson threatened to seek the death penalty against the defendant in the case.
For further developments, visit or read the print edition of The Northern Virginia Daily.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Letter to Courts of Justice on Wetsel's Words comparing Washington with Adolf Hitler

Please click on the letter image to enlarge for ease of reading.

Letter presents to Dave Albo, the Chairman of the Virginia House of Delegates Courts of Justice Committee information about "judge" John E. Wetsel, Jr., of Winchester...

... Wetsel in COURT compared Washington to Adolf Hitler!

Washington is an accused, yet innocent man, but jailed for 14 years due to "judge" Wetsel and his abomination of a Due Process Court.

NOW, Wetsel wants to be "Promoted"?

Despite "recommendations" by the bar, Wetsel is NOT competent to serve at the Court of Appeals of Virginia, or for that matter, serve on the bench at all.

Letter to "judge" John Wetsel asking him to fix his mess

Detailed Letter / Petition for Pardon to Governor Tim Kaine

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fine article in Northern Virginia Daily by Alex Bridges / also my Letter to the Editor

[CLICK on article image to link to article.]
Friends of Liberty and Justice for ALL in America,

Alex, Thanks for an informative article. You are following in the fine tradition of former NV Daily reporters Darcy Spencer and Brian Root.

Words have meaning, and the term "Convicted killer" seems a bit wide of the mark.

I do not know exactly what to suggest because it is a problem with the less than honest use of words by the Courts, and so reporters on the Courts are somewhat stuck in using the deceptive language of lawyers.

I believe that you may know that many if not most of the Innocent Men exonerated and released from Jail have been freed by the work of journalists not jurists or lawyers.

Anyway, thanks again for your fine reporting.

For Equal Justice in Virginia,

James Renwick Manship, Sr.

Dear Editor of Letters to the Editor:

(Post headline of story you're commenting on here)
Court reporter seeks presidential pardon for convicted killer

Dear Editor of Letters to the Editor:

Northern Virginia Daily reporter Alex Bridges has done another informative article. Previous NV Daily reporters Darcy Spencer and Brian Root are the only (other) sources of light and truth in this dark stain on the integrity of the Courts of Winchester.

My only quibble is the confusion of language because of the Procedures of the Court, you know "legal-ese" intentional confusion of the facts.

Jeff Washington was not really "Convicted" and was NEVER the "killer", the Forensic Evidence if seen by the Jury or by Jeff would have PROVEN Jeff's Innocence.

In this Jeff Washington case an Alford Plea is better described as "NOT GUILTY but will submit to a Prison Sentence rather than Risk a Death Sentence, given the lack of effective defense by my defense counsel."

But the Prosecutor, Democrat Paul Thomson, working in concert with Jeff's "Defense Counsel" John Prosser forced a "Coerced Confession" Alford Plea AFTER opening arguments AFTER the JURY was seated.

The day AFTER the Coerced Confession "Alford Plea", Prosecutor Thomson admitted to a Northern Virginia Daily reporter that the scientific evidence to link Jeff Washington to the murder was lacking.

see a copy of that article at:

By the 1970 U.S. supreme Court opinion by Justice White in North Carolina v. Alford, to be a VALID "Alford Plea" TWO REQUIREMENTS MUST BE PRESENT:
(1) Evidence against the Accused.
THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE AGAINST JEFF WASHINGTON - NO Gun Shot Residue Tests, NO fingerprints, NO DNA samples, NO body fluids, NO hair fibers, NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH.
Therefore on that basis alone the so-called Thomson-Prosser manipulated "Alford Plea" is UN-Constitutional per the Supreme Court 1970 Alford Opinion.

Then there is the second requirement:
(2) Competent Counsel.
A first year law student, or even better if allowed by Virginia "Unauthorized Practice of Law" Statutes, a Pro Se "Assistance of Counsel" could have gained an acquittal from a Jury who must decide on "BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT" to convict Jeff Washington of the murder.

IF the Gun Shot Residue Tests, that is to say scientific or Forensic Evidence on TWO tests showed NO Gun Shot Residue on Jeff Washington but POSITIVE on Prosecutor Thomson's star witness against Washington, namely John Doleman, what JURY in America would convict Jeff Washington?

The only reason Jeff Washington is in jail is because his Defense Counsel and the Prosecutor did a mind game on his mother by their Opening Statements to frighten her into begging her son to take an Alford Plea, that he had for weeks previously rejected when his Defense Counsel Prosser pushed for that.

Prosser certainly was Competent Counsel -- for the Prosecution, not for Jeff Washington.

For Equal Justice in Virginia,

James Renwick Manship, Sr.

Court Reporter
Investigative Journalist
Member, Society of Professional Journalists
President, The Virginia Chronicle
newspaper, 2003-2004

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Court reporter seeks presidential pardon for convicted killer

{NOT "convicted killer", coerced confession Alford Plea...}

Washington serving 70-year sentence

By Alex Bridges -- Daily Staff Writer

WINCHESTER — Jeffrey Washington's fight against a murder conviction and lengthy prison sentence made it to the White House this week.

Court reporter James Renwick Manship Sr. sent a letter to President Bush seeking a pardon for Washington, who was convicted in 1995 of murdering Carlos Marshall at a city residence the year before.

{NOT "Convicted killer", coerced confession Alford Plea yet NO evidence to link Washington to the crime!}

Washington is serving a 70-year prison term for the crime.

Manship cites in documents and in interviews that the commonwealth forced an Alford plea out of Washington in order to receive a conviction. An Alford plea means that the defendant does not admit guilt outright but agrees that prosecutors have enough evidence and therefore does not want to risk being convicted beyond a reasonable doubt.

Manship on Monday said he sent the letter and a number of documents concerning the case to the White House on Friday by express mail in hopes of next-day delivery. He also faxed nine pages of the documents he mailed to the White House.

Along with the letter, Manship sent material that he said shows Washington's innocence, including forensic evidence from the case.

In early September, Manship sent a similar request to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine. However, as recently as Monday, Manship said Kaine's office asked for the original letter that would state whether Washington wanted Manship to seek the pardon. Manship said he had previously sent it by certified mail.

The request for a pardon from Kaine cites the case of Walter Snyder, a man convicted of rape but later cleared by DNA evidence and then pardoned by then Gov. L. Douglas Wilder.

In his letter to Bush, Manship cites the case of Earl Washington Jr., who is no relation to Jeffrey Washington, in which the man also was exonerated by DNA evidence. In 2000, then-Gov. Jim Gilmore pardoned Washington.

However, Gov. Mark R. Warner did not pardon Washington in 2002, Manship said in the letter and, as of yet, neither has Kaine.

Manship said he was given no timeline as to when or if Bush or other officials would consider the pardon request.

Manship said he would have hoped the pardon could have been granted by Election Day and might even have helped Gilmore's campaign against Warner for U.S. Senate had it been granted.

But Manship added that Kaine might not have granted a pardon since his predecessor did not.

"So, to a certain extent I decided that working with current governor, based on the Catch-22 feedback I was getting ... I'm gonna continue to work with them, but it seems like they [Kaine and Warner] were not capable of making the decision prior to the election, and maybe the president would, and that's why I asked the president."

Manship may pursue other routes.

"The reality is that if there is not a pardon granted pretty soon, I'm going to work with people who are capable of doing so in bringing lawsuits against lots of people in Winchester for violations of Virginia law," he said. "I'm really hoping they go the easy way — easy for them, easy for me, easy for Jeff and easy for everybody."

* Contact Alex Bridges at

Monday, November 3, 2008

Presidential Pardon Press Conference Statement (proposed)


One of the duties of the President is to carefully, even prayerfully, use the Executive Power of Pardon to “set the captives free” when the President learns that a tragic miscarriage of Justice has transpired so that an Innocent Man has been jailed.

Back in 1994, a 22 year old Army man left active duty in Germany and came home to Winchester, Virginia where he took up with his old high school buddies. He had enlisted in the Army right after high school graduation. However, while he was in the Army, his buddies back home had become involved in using and selling drugs.

On 16 August 1994, in a drug deal gone awry, a drug dealer was murdered. Four drug user friends of the Army veteran were involved in the murder. Two initially stated the Army Veteran had no involvement, but after they did a “Plea Bargain” with the local Prosecutor, they changed their stories to say the Army Veteran was the gunman who murdered the drug dealer. Sadly, a judge compared the Army Veteran to Adolf Hitler!

The prosecutor, a Democrat, closed his eyes to the investigation of any other suspect, ignoring and indeed even covering up the fact that the Forensic Evidence of Gun Shot Residue Tests pointed away from the Army Veteran and toward one of his four “Plea Bargain” Prosecution witnesses, his entire case against the Army Veteran.
Falsely told the Gun Shot Residue Tests were “inconclusive”, yet knowing he was “Not Guilty”, the Army Veteran took an “Alford Plea”, praying an Appeal may set him free.

Some years later on 2-17-1999, a trusted Police Informant reported that the Prosecutor was “skimming money from drug dealers”. The great good wisdom of the Virginia Voters was displayed when they voted that Prosecutor out of office in 2001.

President Reagan economist Paul Craig Roberts has co-authored a book titled Tyranny of Good Intentions with the sub-title “How Prosecutors... Are Trampling the Constitution...” While it is Good Intention to take drug dealers and murderers off the streets, we must be certain that Prosecutors do not use Drug Dealers who “bear False Witness” to put an innocent man behind bars for fourteen years, or even one week.

Justice White in his Opinion in the North Carolina v. Alford case in 1970 set two requirements for an “Alford Plea” to be valid from a Constitutional basis: (1) Evidence against the Accused, and (2) Competent Counsel. My review of the case with trusted advisors confirms to me there was NO evidence to link the Army Veteran to the crime.

THEREFORE, given the Powers vested in me by
“this Constitution for the United States of America” as the President,
I do hereby grant a Pardon to Jeffrey Franklin Washington of Winchester, Virginia.

George W. Bush
President of the United States

FOX NEWS Religion Reporter Lauren Green blog comment...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A letter for a visit with the mother of the murder victim

Governor Sarah Palin signed House Bill 69 that reformed the Pardon Power that the Governor before her had abused.

The bill that Governor Palin signed required the Governor's Office to contact the family of the victim before a Pardon of the alleged criminal is announced.

"Just common decency..."

While not easy, it is just common decency to speak with the family of the victim to inform them of the plans to pardon a person who was innocent of the crime, but who the family was long ago led to believe was the murderer.

Therefore, since I was the Advocate for the Pardon of Jeffrey Franklin Washington, I felt it was my Duty to Common Decency, and Duty to God and my Country to go to speak with Mrs. Marshall to inform her of my investigation into the rampant Misconduct by Police and Prosecutor that caused the Coerced Confession by an "Alford Plea" by Jeff Washington, after his mother was manipulated by both the Prosecutor and the Defense Counsel to beg her son to take the Alford Plea rather than risk a Death Sentence as the Prosecution was feverishly seeking.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Washington Post article Saving Innocent Souls...

The Washington Post
Religion Article
Saturday, October 25, 2008

Letter dated 31 October a.d. 2008:

Dear President Bush
and Counselor Fielding:

Justice Antonin Scalia in his new book with Brian Garner Making Your Case suggests putting up front in your case “Questions Presented”, so the Question Presented to the President and his Counselor Fred Fielding is:
“Can the President Pardon a State Inmate Incarcerated on a Non-Constitutional ‘Alford Plea’?”

I do not know if you read The Washington Post article “Working to Save Innocent Souls” on Saturday, 25 October shown in part above to the right. As G.W. prayed, be... a deliverer to the captives... Tragically, the article reports delays of Liberty and Justice of 5 to 10 years with costs from $150,000 to $300,000.

A few weeks ago I found a news item that reported on the Pardon of Earl Washington, Jr. in 2000 when James Gilmore was Governor of Virginia. In a letter to Governor Kaine dated Tuesday, 14 October a. d. 2008, ...

Halloween Horror Story ... Corrupt Courts of Winchester

Horror Story ??

“Hate evil and Love the good.
Remodel your Courts into
True Halls of Justice.”
-- Amos 5:15

Bubble, Bubble,
Toil and Trouble!
-witch’s cackle

Cracked, Crazy,
Corrupt Courts!
-witch’s curse

What crime is brewing in the corrupt Courts of Winchester?

Day after Day of the “Living Dead”
Innocent Man Sent to Jail for 70 years
by a “Coerced Confession” forced “Alford Plea”!
Next day, 3-1-1995 Northern Virginia Daily
reports Thomson admits no scientific evidence.
Prosecutor Thomson did a “Media Circus”
defaming Washington as a “Gangster”,
yet who REALLY is the “Gangster”?
On 2-17-1999 Police Informant reports
Thomson “skimming money from drug dealers”.

In Court on 4-3-1995 Judge Wetsel compares
Washington to Adolf Hitler!
In Court on 4-10-1995 Judge Wetsel
sentences Innocent Man Jeff Washington
to 70 years in JAIL! Is that Judicial Bias?
Defense Counsel Prosser “sells out” his client.
Was Prosser “rewarded” with Judgeship
a mere 2 to 3 years later?
Meanwhile Prosecution Witness
and Gun Shot Residue Test likely Gunman
now on the streets.

In 2000, Governor James Gilmore, a former Commonwealth Attorney “prosecutor”,
Pardons Earl Washington, Jr. (Not asked to Pardon Jeff Washington when has power as Governor.)
In 2002, Governor Mark Warner receives Letter about Injustice to Innocent Jeff Washington
yet fails to use Power of Governor to grant a Pardon to Jeffrey Franklin Washington.
In 2008, Governor Tim Kaine received letter and a very complete Pardon Petition package,
as yet Kaine has failed to grant a Pardon to Jeffrey Franklin Washington.


Today, and tomorrow,
this week and next,
call Governor Kaine
[(804) 786-2211]
continually until he does the “Right Act” &
Kaine Grants an
Absolute Pardon

Left: John Prosser, now judge for
over 11 YEARS!
(Left client “dangling in the wind”!)
(Traded Jury Acquittal for Judgeship?)

Center: Jeff Washington,
now innocent inmate
in jail for over 14 YEARS!

Right: Paul Thomson, now former
(wrong!) Commonwealth Attorney,
(very, defeated by 423 votes
very, in 2001 election, wise action
wrong!) of “We, the People”!

Photo Credit: Alan Lehman
Northern Virginia Daily

Monday, October 27, 2008

Petition Governor Kaine to Pardon Jeff Washington, Governor Sarah Palin signed bill to curb Pardon abuse (CLICK this)

Governor Sarah Palin signed House Bill 69 to stop future Bill Clinton-like "last days in office abuse" of the Pardon Power as the man she defeated Frank Murkowski granted a Pardon to a corporate executive in connection with the death of an employee in 1999.

Governor James Gilmore in 2000 granted a Pardon to Earl Washington, Jr. when he learned of the Forensic Evidence that exonerated Washington.

Governor Mark Warner received two letters from Franklin Washington in 2002, but failed to act to Pardon Jeff Washington.

Governor Tim Kaine was first informed of the necessity to Pardon Jeff Washington on 29 August a.d. 2008 by letter, and in person in conversation with this reporter, and with another letter and a over 70 page notebook of supporting materials on 14 October a.d. 2008.

Please call Governor Tim Kaine to encourage him to "do my Duty to God and my Country" as George Washington once said, and see the wisdom in the Absolute Pardon of Jeff Washington.

The contact information for Governor Kaine is:
Office of the Governor

Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Phone: (804) 786-2211
Fax: (804) 371-6351

Letter to Winchester City Councilman / Public Defender Tim Coyne / Ask Governor Kaine to Pardon Washington

27 October a. d. 2008, ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt b-day

Councilman Tim Coyne
City of Winchester
15 North Cameron St.
Winchester, Virginia 22601

Dear Councilman Coyne:

Thank you for sharing your time on the phone with me last evening and your willingness to meet in person this week. After speaking with you, I called again to the Republican lady activist who did a video of my talk on this Constitution in New Market in July, along with talks by Congressman Goodlatte, Governor Gilmore, and others. She asked me to come today to be with Governor Palin in Salem. I called to learn if I was to be a “warm-up speaker” as I have done for Congressman Forbes in Chesapeake and former Attorney General Ashcroft at a Bob McDonnell for Attorney General fund-raising dinner at the Norfolk Marriott Waterside Hotel. Learning that was not the plan, being a “Good Steward” of what God gives us - time, I ‘elected’ not to go.

So... that gave me time to review and research further the case of Jeffrey Franklin Washington.

I began by review of the Court Transcript of 4-3-1995 where Judge Wetsel compared Washington to Adolf Hitler. I asked Franklin Washington to get that transcript for me to confirm what I had read in 4-4-95 news stories by Darcy Spencer and Brian Root, both with whom I have been in communications. Should it be necessary, that transcript will be Exhibit A (for Adolf?) before the JIRC, or the Courts of Justice Committees if Wetsel’s renewal on the bench comes up again. If Senator Potts can drive out Judge Berry due to his denial of a conceal carry permit for Oliver North as a reward for John Prosser, what might be the result in a far more egregious case of bias? On Friday, to be fair, I wrote to Judge Wetsel to ask him to take action to correct his Court errors. I mentioned to Judge Wetsel the 14 September 2007 Virginia supreme Court opinion by Justice Stephen Agee that also involved an “Alford Plea” in a Writ of Error Coram Vobis case.

I reviewed past cases and found a “victory” for a journalist in a case against the Henrico County Clerk of the Court in obtaining the audio tapes of a trial under FOIA. That fits with my “intuition” after reading the Court Transcript of 2-28-1995 with the opening statement of Paul Thomson (rife with lies and falsehoods) and the opening statement of Defense Counsel John Prosser. There was a clue in Prosser’s statement about “saving his voice” or some such, that being a professional speaker myself and student of Mass Communications, a study reveals that 58 per cent of communications is visual, 35 per cent non-verbal (tone or ‘passion’) and only 7 per cent words said. What Defense Counsel Prosser said was acceptable, yet two witnesses to the trial, one Joanna Edith Powell, related that Prosser’s in-court presentation was less than inspiring, so little likely to put the Jurors in a frame of mind to doubt prosecutor Paul Thomson. An audio tape can confirm or refute that “intuition” derived from a thorough reading of the case.

Next I read the Court Transcript of 3-6-1995 where you were Defense Counsel for Rudy Powell opposite Paul Thomson before the people wisely voted Thomson out of office in 2001. On page 16 Investigator James Bailous (or Bayliss per the transcript) gives testimony that could be used in charges related to Forensic Misconduct by the Winchester Police Department in the Washington prosecution/persecution, “don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is closed to any alternatives” liberally called an “investigation” by “Investigators” Bailous and Sobonya. On page 28, Thomson asks, “Q ... you were aware that Mr. Powell gave a statement to Prosser??? denying his involvement in this?” In fact Rudy Powell first said Jeff Washington was NOT INVOLVED, before his “Plea Bargain” deal with prosecutor Thomson. Testimony by NON-“Plea Bargain” ‘witnesses’ support J. Washington.

Very evident to a careful reader in Paul Thomson’s court questioning is the purposeful confusion of Zahrain Washington and Jeff Washington. Testimony by NON-Plea Bargain witnesses shows Zahrain Washington was in possession of the alleged murder weapon, NOT Jeff Washington. Yet Paul Thomson, a skilled yet dishonest trial lawyer, knew how to obfuscate the truth, and “justice”.

You should know as well as I do know, there is NO, repeat NO, scientific or forensic evidence to implicate Jeff Washington in the shooting of Carlos Marshall. Paul Thomson admitted that fact to a Northern Virginia Daily reporter in an 3-1-1995 article after a mind-game manipulation of Mrs. Christine Washington who was allowed in the Courtroom, DESPITE a “Rule on Witnesses” so to beg with her son Jeff Washington to accept the Alford Plea. John Prosser was pressing his client to take the Alford Plea because she was told her son would die if he refused. Assistant Defense Counsel Randy Bryant was quoted in the newspapers as saying the trial would be like Jeff Washington standing in the middle of I-81 with a tractor-trailer bearing down on him.

Hmm... that analogy means the “driver” of the rig could stop, or Jeff could move out of the way. The “drivers” of this rigged trial are Bailous, Sobonya and Thomson, and the “traffic cop” who allowed this rape of the Lady Justice in his Courtroom under his watchful eye was Judge Wetsel.

After James Bailous was fired from the Winchester Police Department and after 2-17-1999 police notes reveal a credible informer reported Paul Thomson was “skimming money from drug dealers”, such that 20 minutes later the City Manager, City Attorney, Police Chief, Deputy Police Chief, and a few others convened a meeting to discuss how to respond to the revelation about violations of law by the elected Commonwealth Attorney Paul Thomson, they decided to call in an FBI investigation. In September 2008, Franklin Washington has had some help from Senator Jim Webb’s office to retreive box after box of supporting information shared to the FBI after the FBI failed to do its duty honestly and closed their investigation on 9-2-2008. Ironically, that same day, not knowing of the FBI letter, I wrote to Acting U.S. Attorney Julia Dudley asking for an investigation into this Washington case consistent with the “Broken Gavel” case of RICO activity by two state judges by U.S. Attorney Donald Washington in the Western District of Louisiana.

On 7-28-1999, Winchester Police Chief Gary Reynolds writes a letter to then Commonwealth Attorney Paul Thomson repeating the description that prosecutor Thomson used of the Washington case being a “mess”. When on 10-8-2008, I spoke with former City Councilman, now Commonwealth Attorney Alex Iden about that letter, he shared “there was a lot of bad blood between those two”. He related that “everybody knew” of the dissension. And apparently a few “power brokers” knew it was time for Paul Thomson to be defeated at the next election in 2001, when days before Election Day, a series of news articles about past misdeeds of prosecutor Paul Thomson ran in local newspapers, that helped Alex Iden to win the contest by 427 votes.

On 10-14-2008, I spoke briefly with Governor Kaine about a Pardon for Jeff Washington and gave his Press Spokesman Gordon Hickey a notebook of supporting materials. The next day I attended a Senator Webb sponsored Drug Trafficking, Policy and Sentencing Forum at George Mason Law School, and spoke briefly with the Senator who connected me with his Chief Counsel who I spoke with at his Capitol Hill office later that same day, and provided supporting materials. On 10-16-2008, I went to the office of Governor Gilmore to ask his decision process when he granted a Pardon after Gilmore learned of Forensic Evidence that exonerated Earl Washington, Jr. I will post the letters to those three public servants so you can see and read them (and others) at:

To be thorough, I researched Governor Sarah Palin and her use of the Pardon Power, to find:
Friday, August 29, 2008 Alaska: Palin and the Pardon Power article from February 20, 2007...
Governor Palin signed House Bill 69 to stop future President Clinton-like “last days in office Pardon-power abuse” by the former Governor when “No one from the Murkowski administration notified the victim’s family of the request for clemency or that the pardon was granted.”

Tim Coyne, you being a Democrat, I ask you to call Democrat Governor Tim Kaine to ask him to Pardon Jeff Washington after first contacting Mrs. Dorothy Marshall of Manassas to share with her why it is Right to do so, and grant the Jeff Washington Pardon BEFORE this year’s election.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adolf Hitler comparison - Judge Wetsel. Is this Judicial Bias of the WORST degree?

A week before the "Sentencing Hearing" of 10 April 1995, Trial Judge, John E. Wetsel, Jr., compared Jeff Washington to Adolf Hitler.

According to the corrupt and invalid "Alford Plea" Plea Agreement of 28 February 1995 forced upon or coerced from the falsely accused Jeffrey Franklin Washington, the Defendant, or in reality, his Defense Counsel, may present evidence to the judge so to reduce the duration of JAIL time from the maximum to some lesser jail time.

Any surprise that seven days after Judge Wetsel compared Jeff Washington to Adolf Hitler, that he gave the MAXIMUM sentence of 70 years in JAIL?

By the way, the reporter Darcy Spencer honestly reported the OUTRAGEOUSLY BIASED WORDS of Judge Wetsel. On page 125 of the Court Transcript of the 4 April 1995 Sentencing Hearing of William Edward Beamer, III, and John Paul Doleman by Valley Reporting Agency, are the transcribed words of the biased judge Wetsel.

Judge Wetsel later sentenced the likely murderer, John Doleman, on page 128 to 53 years, with 33 years suspended, while seven days later sentencing the innocent, but COERCED Alford Plea defendant Jeffrey Franklin Washington to 70 years in Jail with NO YEARS suspended.

This is JUSTICE?

By the way, go to this link here to see where on 15 February 1995 the Micron inc Forensic Laboratory of Wilmington Delaware did a test of seven of the eight suspects and John Doleman tested POSITIVE, meaning he had fired a Gun before the Gun Shot Residue Kit sample was taken. What is John Doleman's explanation? Why did the Winchester Police FAIL to explore this test result honestly? Might it be the concept of "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up -- Jeff Washington is the man we want to convict (even if innocent)."

(Jeff Washington was tested in early September 1994 and shown to be NEGATIVE of ANY Gun Shot Residue, thus establishing that Washington did NOT fire a weapon, and thus, it does not take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that he could NOT have murdered Carlos Marshall by the gun shot through his chest).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Faithful Father Franklin Fights for Freedom for FOURTEEN YEARS for beloved son Jeff Washington who is INNOCENT

Over 4000 pages of Court related documents, but the key ones are the two pages each of the first two Gun Shot Residue Tests.

Here father Franklin is looking at one of the Gun Shot Residue Test reports.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Secretary of the Commonwealth Senior Deputy Bernie Henderson, submission letter to Pardon Jeff Washington without delay!

On 17 September a.d. 2008, the "Clemency" Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Katherine Hanley, sent a letter to wrongly jailed Inmate #... (Jeffrey Franklin Washington) the Greenville Correctional Facility near Emporia, Virginia not far from the North Carolina border... notice to submit his Pardon Petition package within 30 days.

The actual package was given to Governor Tim Kaine aide, Press Spokesman Gordon Hickey moments after the Pardon request was verbally conveyed face to face by Pardon Advocate James Renwick Manship, Sr. authorized by Notarized letter dated 29 September 2008 to act on behalf of Jeffrey Franklin Washington.

This submission provided record of the many communications since early September with the Governor's clemency office.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Governor Gilmore in 2000 Pardoned Washington (Earl), when will Kaine pardon Washington (Jeff)?

This letter is to former Governor James S. Gilmore, III, who granted a Pardon in 2000 to Earl Washington, Jr. when Gilmore learned that Forensic Evidence exonerated the accused Earl Washington who had been in jail for 14 years or more, even days away from execution on Death Row, despite being innocent of the charges on which a Court "Railroad" hearing convicted him.

Some wise man once said about the American Courts, "The American Justice System is the best that money can buy."

The Corollary of that is "IF you have money, you can "BUY JUSTICE" (if that is truly "justice").

But if you are a poor man, especially a poor black man, like Earl or Jeff Washington, you and "Lady Justice" will be RAPED by the Members of the Bar who make their income, receive their "blood money" like Judas, in their betrayal of the Truth.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Senator Webb and Governor Kaine letter to End Injustice and Pardon Jeff Washington

Key issue is that Governor Kaine does NOT need to waste Taxpayer Dollars or waste more of Jeff Washington's life by sending the Pardon Petition package to the Parole Board for "review" or more bureaucratic delays.

The issues are CLEAR to those of honesty and integrity who OPEN their EYES to the TRUTH, there is NO, repeat NO Scientific Evidence to connect Jeff Washington to the crime.

There are "Alibi" Witnesses, with nothing to gain, who say that Jeff Washington was NOT involved.

The case of the disgraced former "prosecutor" Paul Thomson is based only on "Plea Bargain" witnesses by four "Co-Defendants" who got reduced JAIL terms for "cooperation" with Prosecutor Thomson, to join in a false story that makes Jeff Washington the "fall guy".

There is also amply evidence of Forensic Misconduct by Winchester Police Investigators James Bailous and David Sobonya.

According to the 1970 U.S. supreme Court decision in North Carolina v. Alford, an "Alford Plea" is ONLY VALID IF (a) there is Evidence against the Accused (Scientific Evidence is "evidence", or Testimony by Expert Witnesses is also considered "evidence", but NEITHER Police testimony or Plea Bargain testimony is "evidence", thus the Jeff Washington so-called "Alford Plea" is invalid, or Void, or Void Ab Initio) and (b) "Competent Counsel".

Would YOU judge there was "Competent Counsel" when the Defense Counsel, John Prosser, coerces the mother of the Accused to persuade her son to accept an Alford Plea, when there is NO Scientific Evidence against his client, impeachable testimony of Prosecution Witnesses, and witnesses for his client Jeff Washington saying Jeff was NOT INVOLVED?

Senator Webb / GMU Law School Forum on Drug Trafficking, Policy and Sentencing

Author of this blog, James Renwick Manship, Sr., has been a Drug War Warrior ever since 1985 when he served as Commanding Officer of a Navy Cryptology unit that won the Delaney Award, the prize for the best crypto reserve unit in the Nation.

Now the dangers of Drugs have descended even into the police and prosecutors in a small city in Virginia, the lovely historic Winchester.

Monday, October 13, 2008

U.S. Department of Justice Statistics on Alford Pleas and others...

U.S. Department of Justice Statistics on Alford Pleas and others...

While it may often be true the Defendant knows the EVIDENCE is against him, so "Cops a Plea" or accepts an Alford Plea to avoid a Death Sentence.

It is ALSO TRUE that the Defendant knows that he does not have "COMPETENT COUNSEL", if being COMPETENT includes being HONEST.

So a Defendant may ALSO take an Alford Plea because the Defense Counsel has shown signs of working with the Prosecutor to allow a CONVICTION with a Death Sentence.

That is the case of the case of Jeff Washington taking the Alford Plea, because of ample evidence of collusion between Prosecutor Paul Thomson with his so-called "Defense Counsel" John Prosser.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time Line on Gun Shot Residue Tests requested by Commonwealth Attorney Alex Iden

Time Line on Gun Shot Residue Tests letter requested by Commonwealth Attorney Alex Iden during meeting in his office on the morning of 8 October a.d. 2008.