Saturday, September 13, 2008

Letter to Former Governor Wilder who Pardoned Walter Snyder, 7 years Falsely Jailed, framed by Alexandria Police

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THE SMOKING GUN: Forensic Misconduct by Winchester Police, Legal Malpractice by Prosecutor and Defense Attorney

Please CLICK on the image to enlarge it so you may more easily read and study the two Forensic Laboratory Test Results that show Jeffery Washington did NOT have ANY Gun Shot Residue, and PROSECUTION WITNESS John Doleman DID HAVE GUN SHOT RESIDUE in 7 of 10 categories still many months later.

Why did Winchester Police "Investigator" Sobonya abort the rest of the tests of the other 7 suspects on 8 September 1994 after the murder on 16 August 1994, after he was told of NEGATIVE Gun Shot Residue Test on Jeffery Franklin Washington by the Virginia State Forensic Lab in Richmond?

Maybe to prevent the real gunman from being shown from one of the other seven suspects in the timely first test?

Why did "Investigator" Sobonya EXCLUDE the Gun Shot Residue Kit from Washington on the second test done by the contracted Private Forensic Laboratory, Micron, inc. of Wilmington, Delaware?

Maybe to undermine the test from being comprehensive of all eight suspects, and therefore to give the Prosecutor the "legal-ese" or "lawyer-language" of the test being "inconclusive"?

Why did the prosecutor, Commonwealth Attorney Paul Thomson, seeing this very CLEAR Forensic Testing Evidence not change his primary or even ONLY suspect to John Paul Doleman?

Why did Winchester prosecutor Paul Thomson join the Winchester Police in the "Frame-Up" of the NOT GUILTY Jeffery Franklin Washington?

Might the fact that John Paul Doleman was a "blood relative" to the wife of the OTHER Police Detective in this case, James Bailous, have any bearing on why Doleman was NOT prosecuted as the Gunman of murder victim Carlos Marshall?

Why would any competent Defense Attorney not see he could create in the minds of a JURY the fact there is at least some PROBABLE DOUBT that his client Jeffery Franklin Washington was NOT THE GUNMAN because the Forensic Tests proved he did NOT fire any gun, and the Forensic Tests showed that PROSECUTION WITNESS John Doleman did fire a gun, very likely the murder weapon?

Why did the Defense Attorney accept, even "parrot" the Prosecution lawyer language that the Gun Shot Residue tests by recognized Forensic Labs were "inconclusive"?

Why instead did the Defense Attorney for first two days of the JURY TRIAL "brow-beat" his client Jeffery Franklin Washington and his mother Christine and his father Franklin to force the family to accept an Alford Plea, that is NOT GUILTY, yet accept a prison sentence rather suffer a Death Sentence?

What would YOU do if you saw your Defense Attorney abandon YOU?

Might you ALSO take an Alford Plea, and PRAY that someday an honest attorney and a fair justice system would properly process your Appeal, your appeal for Liberty and Justice?

Failing the justice system working properly to advance the cause of Justice, now the ONLY HOPE FOR JUSTICE is a PARDON from the Governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine !