Saturday, November 1, 2008

A letter for a visit with the mother of the murder victim

Governor Sarah Palin signed House Bill 69 that reformed the Pardon Power that the Governor before her had abused.

The bill that Governor Palin signed required the Governor's Office to contact the family of the victim before a Pardon of the alleged criminal is announced.

"Just common decency..."

While not easy, it is just common decency to speak with the family of the victim to inform them of the plans to pardon a person who was innocent of the crime, but who the family was long ago led to believe was the murderer.

Therefore, since I was the Advocate for the Pardon of Jeffrey Franklin Washington, I felt it was my Duty to Common Decency, and Duty to God and my Country to go to speak with Mrs. Marshall to inform her of my investigation into the rampant Misconduct by Police and Prosecutor that caused the Coerced Confession by an "Alford Plea" by Jeff Washington, after his mother was manipulated by both the Prosecutor and the Defense Counsel to beg her son to take the Alford Plea rather than risk a Death Sentence as the Prosecution was feverishly seeking.