Friday, October 17, 2008

Secretary of the Commonwealth Senior Deputy Bernie Henderson, submission letter to Pardon Jeff Washington without delay!

On 17 September a.d. 2008, the "Clemency" Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth Katherine Hanley, sent a letter to wrongly jailed Inmate #... (Jeffrey Franklin Washington) the Greenville Correctional Facility near Emporia, Virginia not far from the North Carolina border... notice to submit his Pardon Petition package within 30 days.

The actual package was given to Governor Tim Kaine aide, Press Spokesman Gordon Hickey moments after the Pardon request was verbally conveyed face to face by Pardon Advocate James Renwick Manship, Sr. authorized by Notarized letter dated 29 September 2008 to act on behalf of Jeffrey Franklin Washington.

This submission provided record of the many communications since early September with the Governor's clemency office.