Monday, September 22, 2008

No Love Lost between Police and Prosecutor in Winchester, yet by lies LIVES lost... & forced All-Fraud "Alford Plea"

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Married Prosecutor Paul Thomson "sleeps" or "commits adultery" with Court transcriber Lanell Hockman Berger...

...and she then alters the court transcript, leaving out witness Amy Ruble at the murder scene of Carlos Marshall,...

...and altering the transcript text in how many other ways to help her lover Thomson's case?

When Thomson "dumps" her some time later, in 1999, she is the subject of a Missing Persons report in February 17, 1999, and Prosecutor Paul Thomson is a "suspect" at the Police Station...

...once Thomson's name comes up for the possible crime related to the Missing Person issue of Lanell, an informant tells SGT. Bush of the Police Department who tells Detective Sobonya, that Prosecutor Thomson is
"skimming drug money"

Soon Police Chief Reynolds, Deputy Police Chief Hildebrand, Investigator Prinz, City Manager Daley, and City Attorney Robinette, if not others meet to discuss this corruption crisis.

A decision is made on 17 February 1999, that because Paul Thomson is protected from Police Arrest as a Constitutional Officer in his elected servant post as Commonwealth Attorney, the FBI must be contacted.

On 2 September 2008, after years supposedly "investigating", the FBI sent a letter to the father of Jeff Washington, Franklin Washington saying they did not agree there was evidence of corruption in the Courts or Commonwealth Attorney office of Winchester.

Jeff Washington was railroaded by Policeman Sobonya and Prosecutor Thomson into a 70 year Jail sentence when Jeff was Not Guilty of the murder but forced to take an Alford Plea on 28 February 1995 or "die in the electric chair" as his defense attorney John Prosser kept brow-beating Jeff by saying over and over and over again.

If you knew there was Forensic evidence to exonerate you and yet YOUR defense attorney was threatening YOU with a Death Sentence, how much would YOU trust your attorney to defend YOU?

Better to take the forced and fraudulent Alford Plea, and pray someday for an honest advocate to advance your case, and advance the Cause of Liberty and Justice for All!

The ONLY time Jeff Washington was allowed to SPEAK was at the 10 April 1995 Sentencing Hearing, and the transcript shows that Jeff Washington CONTINUES TO ASSERT HE IS INNOCENT of the murder of Carlos Marshall.

Prosecutor Thomson continues to badger Jeff Washington into "admitting" he murdered Carlos Marshall (in accordance with the All-Fraud Alford Plea), but Jeff Washington continues to say that he did NOT shoot the gun and so did NOT murder Carlos Marshall.

The Prosecutor and the Judge were ANGRY at Jeff Washington for NOT "playing their little game" of a false admission of Guilty with the Alford Plea, so the judge punished Jeff harshly.

Oh, by the way, Judge Wetzel who sentenced Jeff Washington to 70 years in Jail for crimes he did NOT commit, was reported in one newspaper as saying IN COURT that Jeff Washington was like HITLER!

And Wetzel is to be considered as a good or even an "Un-BIASED" Judge?

"There are none so blind as those who refuse to see."