Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Senator Webb and Governor Kaine letter to End Injustice and Pardon Jeff Washington

Key issue is that Governor Kaine does NOT need to waste Taxpayer Dollars or waste more of Jeff Washington's life by sending the Pardon Petition package to the Parole Board for "review" or more bureaucratic delays.

The issues are CLEAR to those of honesty and integrity who OPEN their EYES to the TRUTH, there is NO, repeat NO Scientific Evidence to connect Jeff Washington to the crime.

There are "Alibi" Witnesses, with nothing to gain, who say that Jeff Washington was NOT involved.

The case of the disgraced former "prosecutor" Paul Thomson is based only on "Plea Bargain" witnesses by four "Co-Defendants" who got reduced JAIL terms for "cooperation" with Prosecutor Thomson, to join in a false story that makes Jeff Washington the "fall guy".

There is also amply evidence of Forensic Misconduct by Winchester Police Investigators James Bailous and David Sobonya.

According to the 1970 U.S. supreme Court decision in North Carolina v. Alford, an "Alford Plea" is ONLY VALID IF (a) there is Evidence against the Accused (Scientific Evidence is "evidence", or Testimony by Expert Witnesses is also considered "evidence", but NEITHER Police testimony or Plea Bargain testimony is "evidence", thus the Jeff Washington so-called "Alford Plea" is invalid, or Void, or Void Ab Initio) and (b) "Competent Counsel".

Would YOU judge there was "Competent Counsel" when the Defense Counsel, John Prosser, coerces the mother of the Accused to persuade her son to accept an Alford Plea, when there is NO Scientific Evidence against his client, impeachable testimony of Prosecution Witnesses, and witnesses for his client Jeff Washington saying Jeff was NOT INVOLVED?

Senator Webb / GMU Law School Forum on Drug Trafficking, Policy and Sentencing

Author of this blog, James Renwick Manship, Sr., has been a Drug War Warrior ever since 1985 when he served as Commanding Officer of a Navy Cryptology unit that won the Delaney Award, the prize for the best crypto reserve unit in the Nation.

Now the dangers of Drugs have descended even into the police and prosecutors in a small city in Virginia, the lovely historic Winchester.