Monday, October 27, 2008

Petition Governor Kaine to Pardon Jeff Washington, Governor Sarah Palin signed bill to curb Pardon abuse (CLICK this)

Governor Sarah Palin signed House Bill 69 to stop future Bill Clinton-like "last days in office abuse" of the Pardon Power as the man she defeated Frank Murkowski granted a Pardon to a corporate executive in connection with the death of an employee in 1999.

Governor James Gilmore in 2000 granted a Pardon to Earl Washington, Jr. when he learned of the Forensic Evidence that exonerated Washington.

Governor Mark Warner received two letters from Franklin Washington in 2002, but failed to act to Pardon Jeff Washington.

Governor Tim Kaine was first informed of the necessity to Pardon Jeff Washington on 29 August a.d. 2008 by letter, and in person in conversation with this reporter, and with another letter and a over 70 page notebook of supporting materials on 14 October a.d. 2008.

Please call Governor Tim Kaine to encourage him to "do my Duty to God and my Country" as George Washington once said, and see the wisdom in the Absolute Pardon of Jeff Washington.

The contact information for Governor Kaine is:
Office of the Governor

Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Phone: (804) 786-2211
Fax: (804) 371-6351

Letter to Winchester City Councilman / Public Defender Tim Coyne / Ask Governor Kaine to Pardon Washington

27 October a. d. 2008, ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt b-day

Councilman Tim Coyne
City of Winchester
15 North Cameron St.
Winchester, Virginia 22601

Dear Councilman Coyne:

Thank you for sharing your time on the phone with me last evening and your willingness to meet in person this week. After speaking with you, I called again to the Republican lady activist who did a video of my talk on this Constitution in New Market in July, along with talks by Congressman Goodlatte, Governor Gilmore, and others. She asked me to come today to be with Governor Palin in Salem. I called to learn if I was to be a “warm-up speaker” as I have done for Congressman Forbes in Chesapeake and former Attorney General Ashcroft at a Bob McDonnell for Attorney General fund-raising dinner at the Norfolk Marriott Waterside Hotel. Learning that was not the plan, being a “Good Steward” of what God gives us - time, I ‘elected’ not to go.

So... that gave me time to review and research further the case of Jeffrey Franklin Washington.

I began by review of the Court Transcript of 4-3-1995 where Judge Wetsel compared Washington to Adolf Hitler. I asked Franklin Washington to get that transcript for me to confirm what I had read in 4-4-95 news stories by Darcy Spencer and Brian Root, both with whom I have been in communications. Should it be necessary, that transcript will be Exhibit A (for Adolf?) before the JIRC, or the Courts of Justice Committees if Wetsel’s renewal on the bench comes up again. If Senator Potts can drive out Judge Berry due to his denial of a conceal carry permit for Oliver North as a reward for John Prosser, what might be the result in a far more egregious case of bias? On Friday, to be fair, I wrote to Judge Wetsel to ask him to take action to correct his Court errors. I mentioned to Judge Wetsel the 14 September 2007 Virginia supreme Court opinion by Justice Stephen Agee that also involved an “Alford Plea” in a Writ of Error Coram Vobis case.

I reviewed past cases and found a “victory” for a journalist in a case against the Henrico County Clerk of the Court in obtaining the audio tapes of a trial under FOIA. That fits with my “intuition” after reading the Court Transcript of 2-28-1995 with the opening statement of Paul Thomson (rife with lies and falsehoods) and the opening statement of Defense Counsel John Prosser. There was a clue in Prosser’s statement about “saving his voice” or some such, that being a professional speaker myself and student of Mass Communications, a study reveals that 58 per cent of communications is visual, 35 per cent non-verbal (tone or ‘passion’) and only 7 per cent words said. What Defense Counsel Prosser said was acceptable, yet two witnesses to the trial, one Joanna Edith Powell, related that Prosser’s in-court presentation was less than inspiring, so little likely to put the Jurors in a frame of mind to doubt prosecutor Paul Thomson. An audio tape can confirm or refute that “intuition” derived from a thorough reading of the case.

Next I read the Court Transcript of 3-6-1995 where you were Defense Counsel for Rudy Powell opposite Paul Thomson before the people wisely voted Thomson out of office in 2001. On page 16 Investigator James Bailous (or Bayliss per the transcript) gives testimony that could be used in charges related to Forensic Misconduct by the Winchester Police Department in the Washington prosecution/persecution, “don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is closed to any alternatives” liberally called an “investigation” by “Investigators” Bailous and Sobonya. On page 28, Thomson asks, “Q ... you were aware that Mr. Powell gave a statement to Prosser??? denying his involvement in this?” In fact Rudy Powell first said Jeff Washington was NOT INVOLVED, before his “Plea Bargain” deal with prosecutor Thomson. Testimony by NON-“Plea Bargain” ‘witnesses’ support J. Washington.

Very evident to a careful reader in Paul Thomson’s court questioning is the purposeful confusion of Zahrain Washington and Jeff Washington. Testimony by NON-Plea Bargain witnesses shows Zahrain Washington was in possession of the alleged murder weapon, NOT Jeff Washington. Yet Paul Thomson, a skilled yet dishonest trial lawyer, knew how to obfuscate the truth, and “justice”.

You should know as well as I do know, there is NO, repeat NO, scientific or forensic evidence to implicate Jeff Washington in the shooting of Carlos Marshall. Paul Thomson admitted that fact to a Northern Virginia Daily reporter in an 3-1-1995 article after a mind-game manipulation of Mrs. Christine Washington who was allowed in the Courtroom, DESPITE a “Rule on Witnesses” so to beg with her son Jeff Washington to accept the Alford Plea. John Prosser was pressing his client to take the Alford Plea because she was told her son would die if he refused. Assistant Defense Counsel Randy Bryant was quoted in the newspapers as saying the trial would be like Jeff Washington standing in the middle of I-81 with a tractor-trailer bearing down on him.

Hmm... that analogy means the “driver” of the rig could stop, or Jeff could move out of the way. The “drivers” of this rigged trial are Bailous, Sobonya and Thomson, and the “traffic cop” who allowed this rape of the Lady Justice in his Courtroom under his watchful eye was Judge Wetsel.

After James Bailous was fired from the Winchester Police Department and after 2-17-1999 police notes reveal a credible informer reported Paul Thomson was “skimming money from drug dealers”, such that 20 minutes later the City Manager, City Attorney, Police Chief, Deputy Police Chief, and a few others convened a meeting to discuss how to respond to the revelation about violations of law by the elected Commonwealth Attorney Paul Thomson, they decided to call in an FBI investigation. In September 2008, Franklin Washington has had some help from Senator Jim Webb’s office to retreive box after box of supporting information shared to the FBI after the FBI failed to do its duty honestly and closed their investigation on 9-2-2008. Ironically, that same day, not knowing of the FBI letter, I wrote to Acting U.S. Attorney Julia Dudley asking for an investigation into this Washington case consistent with the “Broken Gavel” case of RICO activity by two state judges by U.S. Attorney Donald Washington in the Western District of Louisiana.

On 7-28-1999, Winchester Police Chief Gary Reynolds writes a letter to then Commonwealth Attorney Paul Thomson repeating the description that prosecutor Thomson used of the Washington case being a “mess”. When on 10-8-2008, I spoke with former City Councilman, now Commonwealth Attorney Alex Iden about that letter, he shared “there was a lot of bad blood between those two”. He related that “everybody knew” of the dissension. And apparently a few “power brokers” knew it was time for Paul Thomson to be defeated at the next election in 2001, when days before Election Day, a series of news articles about past misdeeds of prosecutor Paul Thomson ran in local newspapers, that helped Alex Iden to win the contest by 427 votes.

On 10-14-2008, I spoke briefly with Governor Kaine about a Pardon for Jeff Washington and gave his Press Spokesman Gordon Hickey a notebook of supporting materials. The next day I attended a Senator Webb sponsored Drug Trafficking, Policy and Sentencing Forum at George Mason Law School, and spoke briefly with the Senator who connected me with his Chief Counsel who I spoke with at his Capitol Hill office later that same day, and provided supporting materials. On 10-16-2008, I went to the office of Governor Gilmore to ask his decision process when he granted a Pardon after Gilmore learned of Forensic Evidence that exonerated Earl Washington, Jr. I will post the letters to those three public servants so you can see and read them (and others) at:

To be thorough, I researched Governor Sarah Palin and her use of the Pardon Power, to find:
Friday, August 29, 2008 Alaska: Palin and the Pardon Power article from February 20, 2007...
Governor Palin signed House Bill 69 to stop future President Clinton-like “last days in office Pardon-power abuse” by the former Governor when “No one from the Murkowski administration notified the victim’s family of the request for clemency or that the pardon was granted.”

Tim Coyne, you being a Democrat, I ask you to call Democrat Governor Tim Kaine to ask him to Pardon Jeff Washington after first contacting Mrs. Dorothy Marshall of Manassas to share with her why it is Right to do so, and grant the Jeff Washington Pardon BEFORE this year’s election.