Friday, August 29, 2008

Pardon letter for Washington and Navy Four to Gov. Kaine

This letter of 29 August was sent after a week investigating the case of the Wrongful Jailing of Jeff Washington, and doing research on the website of the Innocence Project, Mid-Atlantic, and their sample letter for the Navy Four, also wrongly jailed.

We hear about "Law and Order" on TV, but notice the words... Law... and.. Order, not Law with Order, or Law for Order.

Too often the Police want to maintain their notions of Order, without regard to the Law, or the Rights of Due Process for Citizens.

Such is the case in the forced "Alford Plea" of Jeff Washington.

What would YOU DO if YOUR Defense Attorney who your parents had paid large sums of money was telling you that YOU would DIE in the electric Chair if you did not accept the Alford Plea your defense attorney was forcing on you?

Suit reveals Court Corruption in 1995 murder trial

Suit targets court reporter of 1995 murder trial (in Winchester vs.

Dear Alex Bridges,

Thank you for this article. . I tried to comment online, but had some registration problems.

As to the Statute of Limitations, while thank God NOT a lawyer, contrary to the claims in Court by the defense attorneys for the Court Reporter- bed buddy of former Commonwealth Attorney Paul Thomson, I believe there is a 3 year period after the discovery of the Fraud.

The altered Court transcript is a Fraud. Your article indicates that Mr. Franklin Washington learned of this fraud of the Court Reporter in March 2008, just a few months ago.

Parties to the fraud are the former public prosecutor Mr. Thomson, his sexual partner the Court Reporter, and the so-called defense attorney, then in private practice, now a judge of the Circuit Court, Mr. Prosser. At least, Prosser recused himself from the case. That is
like a smoking gun of past wrongs.

Also VERY important is that the court reporter who altered the Court Transcript was having illegal sexual relations with the prosecutor, then Commonwealth Attorney Paul Thomson, who was in the courthouse, not the jailhouse yesterday.

Thomson has many charges for abusive behavior in public but because he is one of the privileged class, unlike his victim Jeffrey Washington, Bar member Thomson is not serving time in jail.

Significant to remember is the Alford Plea clearly indicates that Jeffery Washington did NOT admit Guilt. But when he saw that his own Defense Attorney John Prosser was "conspiring" with prosecutor Thomson, at least to the point of an ineffective defense, then it is
totally rational to take the Alford Plea so that maybe, just maybe, an honest attorney could be obtained to mount an effective appeal while in jail, at least still alive.

Prosser told Washington he would die if he did not accept the Alford Plea.

After you left the Court house yesterday, Mr. Franklin saw another assistant of defense attorney Prosser, who I spoke with, and who indicated other irregularities in the defense efforts of Prosser.

The investigative records, many of which gave a very strong defense case for Jeffery Washington, were given over to Prosser's office as directed, and later when files were needed by Mr. Franklin Washington, the secretary said the files are missing.

It was related that some experienced Court workers felt there was a strong case for the defense of Jeffrey Washington, yet Prosser forced his client to accept an Alford Plea.

There are items from the Courts "evidence lockers" that are missing.

There are ballistics and residue tests that point to other than Jeffery Washington.

One thing for sure is missing in the Jeffery Washington case is "Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt." And yet a man apparently falsely accused, who rightly refuses to "admit guilt", still sits in jail 14 years later. His loving and loyal father has impoverished himself trying to get a fair trial on an Appeal and remand to an honest court.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. And some members of the Bar should be "fired", and jailed, but by virtue of being Bar members, no other Bar member will bring charges, much less vigorously prosecute the likes of Thomson and Prosser.

The Office of U. S. Attorney of the Western District of Louisiana Donald Washington recently prosecuted two state judges for RICO violations with a bail bondsman. Here it appears a current Judge, John Prosser, when a defense attorney, working with the then Commonwealth Attorney Paul Thomson, and his sexual partner, the Court Reporter altered the transcripts to conceal a key witness to the case.

A paralegal researched that person last Friday to learn she has lived in 29 locations since the Alford Plea forced on Washington by then defense attorney Prosser.

Remember the Snyder v. City of Alexandria case where the Alexandria Police coached or tampered with two witnesses to testify (Bear False Witness) in Court that they saw Mr. Snyder rape a woman. After 7 years in jail, a "Constitution Project" was able to act through the
courts to force a DNA test, that proved Snyder could NOT HAVE BEEN the Rapist. Governor Wilder pardoned Snyder.

Maybe Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell or Acting United States Attorney Julia C. Dudley for the Western District of Virginia will begin to restore justice to the Winchester Court, investigate the "Rape of Justice" by Thomson and Prosser in the Jeffrey Washington
Case (and others most likely, such as the one where ten Felony Drug Counts by a WOMAN were all suspended by Judge Prosser a few weeks ago). Someone suggested the woman might be a "police drug informant" so got Prosser's special handling.

Maybe Governor Kaine can pardon Jeffery Washington whose Parole for good behavior while falsely imprisoned after altered transcripts and missing evidence is coming up soon.

Let us pray that Parole is not denied as retaliation for his father's lawsuit exposing the Fraud of prosecutor Thomson and his sexual partner the Court Reporter on the case way back when.

Remember that Joseph in the Bible was falsely imprisoned for 14 years because of the false accusations of Potiphar's wife.

For Equal Justice in Virginia,

James Renwick Manship, Sr.

Investigative Journalist
Member, Society of Professional Journalists
President, The Virginia Chronicle newspaper 2003-2004