Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adolf Hitler comparison - Judge Wetsel. Is this Judicial Bias of the WORST degree?

A week before the "Sentencing Hearing" of 10 April 1995, Trial Judge, John E. Wetsel, Jr., compared Jeff Washington to Adolf Hitler.

According to the corrupt and invalid "Alford Plea" Plea Agreement of 28 February 1995 forced upon or coerced from the falsely accused Jeffrey Franklin Washington, the Defendant, or in reality, his Defense Counsel, may present evidence to the judge so to reduce the duration of JAIL time from the maximum to some lesser jail time.

Any surprise that seven days after Judge Wetsel compared Jeff Washington to Adolf Hitler, that he gave the MAXIMUM sentence of 70 years in JAIL?

By the way, the reporter Darcy Spencer honestly reported the OUTRAGEOUSLY BIASED WORDS of Judge Wetsel. On page 125 of the Court Transcript of the 4 April 1995 Sentencing Hearing of William Edward Beamer, III, and John Paul Doleman by Valley Reporting Agency, are the transcribed words of the biased judge Wetsel.

Judge Wetsel later sentenced the likely murderer, John Doleman, on page 128 to 53 years, with 33 years suspended, while seven days later sentencing the innocent, but COERCED Alford Plea defendant Jeffrey Franklin Washington to 70 years in Jail with NO YEARS suspended.

This is JUSTICE?

By the way, go to this link here to see where on 15 February 1995 the Micron inc Forensic Laboratory of Wilmington Delaware did a test of seven of the eight suspects and John Doleman tested POSITIVE, meaning he had fired a Gun before the Gun Shot Residue Kit sample was taken. What is John Doleman's explanation? Why did the Winchester Police FAIL to explore this test result honestly? Might it be the concept of "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up -- Jeff Washington is the man we want to convict (even if innocent)."

(Jeff Washington was tested in early September 1994 and shown to be NEGATIVE of ANY Gun Shot Residue, thus establishing that Washington did NOT fire a weapon, and thus, it does not take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that he could NOT have murdered Carlos Marshall by the gun shot through his chest).