Thursday, October 16, 2008

Governor Gilmore in 2000 Pardoned Washington (Earl), when will Kaine pardon Washington (Jeff)?

This letter is to former Governor James S. Gilmore, III, who granted a Pardon in 2000 to Earl Washington, Jr. when Gilmore learned that Forensic Evidence exonerated the accused Earl Washington who had been in jail for 14 years or more, even days away from execution on Death Row, despite being innocent of the charges on which a Court "Railroad" hearing convicted him.

Some wise man once said about the American Courts, "The American Justice System is the best that money can buy."

The Corollary of that is "IF you have money, you can "BUY JUSTICE" (if that is truly "justice").

But if you are a poor man, especially a poor black man, like Earl or Jeff Washington, you and "Lady Justice" will be RAPED by the Members of the Bar who make their income, receive their "blood money" like Judas, in their betrayal of the Truth.