Saturday, October 4, 2008

Letter from Franklin Washington to Chief Justice Leon Hassell to "drop" Writ of Prohibition against local judges

After Judge John Prosser recused himself on 22 August a.d. 2008 from a lawsuit filed by Franklin Washington and Judge John Wetsel recused himself from the same lawsuit on 28 August a.d. 2008, they got together to chose a third judge to preside over the trial.

Judge James Lane may be the best judge in Virginia, but the mere fact he was "appointed" by two recused judges Prosser and Wetsel invalidates his credibility as an impartial judge.

As a consequence a Writ of Prohibition was filed by Franklin Washington to prohibit Judge Lane or any other judge appointed by judges Prosser and Wetsel from presiding over the trial.

Turns out that Chief Judge Prosser had for over 10 days known that Judge Lane had also recused himself, so the Writ of Prohibition was Moot. The decision as to which judge will preside is now in the hands of Chief Justice Leon Hassell.