Monday, November 3, 2008

Presidential Pardon Press Conference Statement (proposed)


One of the duties of the President is to carefully, even prayerfully, use the Executive Power of Pardon to “set the captives free” when the President learns that a tragic miscarriage of Justice has transpired so that an Innocent Man has been jailed.

Back in 1994, a 22 year old Army man left active duty in Germany and came home to Winchester, Virginia where he took up with his old high school buddies. He had enlisted in the Army right after high school graduation. However, while he was in the Army, his buddies back home had become involved in using and selling drugs.

On 16 August 1994, in a drug deal gone awry, a drug dealer was murdered. Four drug user friends of the Army veteran were involved in the murder. Two initially stated the Army Veteran had no involvement, but after they did a “Plea Bargain” with the local Prosecutor, they changed their stories to say the Army Veteran was the gunman who murdered the drug dealer. Sadly, a judge compared the Army Veteran to Adolf Hitler!

The prosecutor, a Democrat, closed his eyes to the investigation of any other suspect, ignoring and indeed even covering up the fact that the Forensic Evidence of Gun Shot Residue Tests pointed away from the Army Veteran and toward one of his four “Plea Bargain” Prosecution witnesses, his entire case against the Army Veteran.
Falsely told the Gun Shot Residue Tests were “inconclusive”, yet knowing he was “Not Guilty”, the Army Veteran took an “Alford Plea”, praying an Appeal may set him free.

Some years later on 2-17-1999, a trusted Police Informant reported that the Prosecutor was “skimming money from drug dealers”. The great good wisdom of the Virginia Voters was displayed when they voted that Prosecutor out of office in 2001.

President Reagan economist Paul Craig Roberts has co-authored a book titled Tyranny of Good Intentions with the sub-title “How Prosecutors... Are Trampling the Constitution...” While it is Good Intention to take drug dealers and murderers off the streets, we must be certain that Prosecutors do not use Drug Dealers who “bear False Witness” to put an innocent man behind bars for fourteen years, or even one week.

Justice White in his Opinion in the North Carolina v. Alford case in 1970 set two requirements for an “Alford Plea” to be valid from a Constitutional basis: (1) Evidence against the Accused, and (2) Competent Counsel. My review of the case with trusted advisors confirms to me there was NO evidence to link the Army Veteran to the crime.

THEREFORE, given the Powers vested in me by
“this Constitution for the United States of America” as the President,
I do hereby grant a Pardon to Jeffrey Franklin Washington of Winchester, Virginia.

George W. Bush
President of the United States

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