Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jeffrey Franklin Washington authorizes an Advocate...

Unable to bring in to the jail any paperwork during the prayer time and pardon process discussions, this letter was mailed within 30 minutes of leaving the Greenville Correctional Facility at the nearby Jarratt, Virginia Post Office.

It is a letter prepared on Thursday, 25 September 2008 addressed to Governor Tim Kaine from Inmate Jeff Washington authorizing an advocate to prepare and present a Petition for Pardon for Washington.

Key paragraphs are:

I believe an Absolute Pardon is warranted, yet conversation between Mr. Manship and the Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth Bernie Henderson on Monday, 15 September suggested the course of seeking a Conditional Pardon. The Conditional Pardon is based on
(1) my 14 years of Good Behavior, (2) a Rehabilitation Plan for me to comply with upon your granting the Conditional Pardon, and (3) is justified by two Forensic Lab Evidence letters that proves I did not fire the murder weapon while a Prosecution Witness against me did fire a gun.

Two Forensic Lab letters that prove my innocence were never seen by the Jury, ~ or me!