Friday, August 29, 2008

Pardon letter for Washington and Navy Four to Gov. Kaine

This letter of 29 August was sent after a week investigating the case of the Wrongful Jailing of Jeff Washington, and doing research on the website of the Innocence Project, Mid-Atlantic, and their sample letter for the Navy Four, also wrongly jailed.

We hear about "Law and Order" on TV, but notice the words... Law... and.. Order, not Law with Order, or Law for Order.

Too often the Police want to maintain their notions of Order, without regard to the Law, or the Rights of Due Process for Citizens.

Such is the case in the forced "Alford Plea" of Jeff Washington.

What would YOU DO if YOUR Defense Attorney who your parents had paid large sums of money was telling you that YOU would DIE in the electric Chair if you did not accept the Alford Plea your defense attorney was forcing on you?

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