Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Washington "Frame-Up" Evidence and News Reports, Read, Analyzed, Coded & Catalogued...

Over 180 pages of Police Notes, Forensic Laboratory Reports, News Articles and other documents were read, analyzed for consistencies and discrepancies, coded page by page, and catalogued for reference and recall.

The story told by this detailed study of the handling of this case by the Winchester Police Detectives David Sobonya and James Bailous, and prosecutor Paul Thomson is one of a mentality of "I have my mind made up who is guilty, don't confuse me with the facts." It is disgraceful!

Equally disgraceful, or even more so, is the "selling out" or abandonment of his client Jeffery Franklin Washington by Defense Attorney John Prosser, who was within 2 years rewarded with an appointment to a Circuit Court judgeship.

On 25 July 2008, this investigative reporter witnessed Judge Prosser suspend TEN FELONY Drug Convictions for a woman so that NO, ZERO, ZIP time was served in JAIL.

On 22 August 2008, this investigative reporter witnessed Judge Prosser "recuse" himself when a 65 year old black man acting Pro Se, who has suffered a STROKE from the stress of this 14 year ordeal, came before Judge Prosser in the Winchester Courtroom.

That motivated man is the persistent "Papa" of Jeff Washington, his faithful father Franklin.

Thank God for fathers who never ever ever give up loving and fighting for their children!!!

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