Sunday, September 28, 2008

Will Winchester Virginia "heal thyself" as NC did?

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Today after church, I was doing research on the Pardon petition for Jeff Washington. I found The New York Times article of May 7, 2008 on the release of a N.C. inmate 14 years in jail. Likewise, Jeff Washington of Winchester, Virginia has been over 14 years in jail due to “missed critical evidence pointing to his innocence”.

Another article gave more revealing and positive data:
Innocent North Carolina Man Exonerated After 14 Years On Death Row
On May 2, 2008, the District Attorney of North Carolina's Duplin County dropped all charges against Levon "Bo" Jones, who has spent the last 14 years of his life on the state's death row after being wrongfully convicted for the 1987 murder of Leamon Grady. A federal judge ordered Jones off death row in 2006 and overturned his conviction, declaring that Jones' initial defense attorneys missed critical evidence pointing to his innocence.

Mr. Idens, I call on you to be wise like your District Attorney counterpart in North Carolina and drop all charges against Jeffrey Franklin Washington. As in NC, could wise, constructive action by YOU advance Justice, and obviate the need for a Pardon?

A former Lockheed Martin computer systems engineer, now in business in Winchester, Randy Cadmus, contacted me about the Jeff Washington case after reading the Northern Virginia Daily article by Alex Bridges on 5 September. He has scanned about 4000 pages of Case documents and photographs. Two Gun Shot Residue Tests, each “Inconclusive” by itself, together prove Washington innocent, with Prosecution “Plea Bargain” Witness John Doleman the gunman.

In the 1970 Alford “SCOTUS” decision, reading the opinion of Justice White, two prerequisites are essential for an “Alford Plea” to be valid on a Constitution Due Process Rights basis: 1) Evidence against the Accused, and 2) Competent Counsel.
Clearly there was NO Forensic Evidence against Jeff Washington, only “Plea Bargain” testimony of drug dealers and users.

Whether then attorney John Prosser was “Competent Counsel” before, or after 28 February 1995 when a deal was made with Paul H. Thomson, the man you beat in the 2001 election, is a subjective evaluation. The Winchester Police notes of 0840 on 2-17-99 state “...information that Paul Thomson is skimming money from drug dealers.”

One question is “Was the “prosecutor” a “Competent Counsel” or Corrupt Counsel in the case against Washington?”

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