Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Letter to Courts of Justice on Wetsel's Words comparing Washington with Adolf Hitler

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Letter presents to Dave Albo, the Chairman of the Virginia House of Delegates Courts of Justice Committee information about "judge" John E. Wetsel, Jr., of Winchester...

... Wetsel in COURT compared Washington to Adolf Hitler!

Washington is an accused, yet innocent man, but jailed for 14 years due to "judge" Wetsel and his abomination of a Due Process Court.

NOW, Wetsel wants to be "Promoted"?

Despite "recommendations" by the bar, Wetsel is NOT competent to serve at the Court of Appeals of Virginia, or for that matter, serve on the bench at all.


Jake said...

I am sorry to hear about your nightmare, and John Prosser is a really bad Judge that needs to go. I would not waste your time trying to persuade the local winchester good ole boy network to right this wrong. They will just string you out and just keep their foolish pal on the bench. Maybe find a Dateline, 20/20, or 48 Hours producer to expose Prosser and his good ole boy friends to a wider non winchester audience. Maybe that helps to bring about some change to a bad situation.

J R "States" Manship said...


Thanks for your comment.

Let me suggest that a "third party" such as yourself is more persuasive to a 20/20 producer than my going directly to such a producer.

Also please take time TODAY to write to Governor McDonnell to ask him to Pardon Jeff Washington.


In GW, James